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National Ocean Strategy 2013-2020


The NOS 2013-2020 presents a new development model of ocean and coastal áreas that will allow Portugal to meet the challenges for the promotion, growth and competitiveness of the maritime economy, in particular, the important changes to the political and strategic framework at both European and Worldwide levels.

Portugal’s return to the sea depends on the implementation of a strategy based on knowledge and technological progress and on the size and geography of the emerged and submerged national territory, including the new extended dimension resulting from the submitted proposal to extend the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles.


The NOS 2013-2020 identifies the areas of intervention and presents the action plan, which includes the programs to be run and developed, in order to achieve specific objectives and produce the desired effects, being subject to proper monitoring, evaluation, review and update mechanisms.

The Mar-Portugal Plan, an action plan mainly aimed at the economic, social and environmental enhancement of the national maritime space through the implementation of sectorial and cross-sectorial projects, as well as the existing national strategic plans or those in preparation.

The maritime spatial planning system and the compatibility of the different existing and potential activities that may take place therein, along with the proper adminsitrative procedural simplification are key operations to the implementation of NOS 2013-2020 and for creating the conditions necessary for the growth of maritime economy and environmental and social improvement.

The NOS 2013-2020 was subjected to extensive public debate. A large number of meeting have been carried out both in mainland Portugal and in the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira, having received over one hundred contributions from civil society, in the Academy, but also from public and private entities, which have helped to improve and enrich the document that is now being presented. Only with everyone’s commitment can we make the sea a national goal and thus renew Portugal’s maritime identity.





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Estratégia Nacional para o Mar 2013-2020

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