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18 November
15h30 (GMT)

Início / Webinar EEA Grants Call#5 Education

Webinar Call#5 Education

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Find out more information regarding available funding within the scope of Blue Growth to improve the skills and competences in marine and maritime affairs through education and training.


This is a good opportunity to have more knowledge concerning the Blue Growth Programme 2014-2021 and the available funds


The Blue Growth Programme also has a bilateral objective, of strengthening cooperation between Portuguese entities and entities from the Donor Countries (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). 


15h30 - Welcome

15h35 - Presentation of Call#5 Education

15h50 - Participation of DIKU (Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education)

16h00 - Question and answer period (Q&A)

Language of the Webinar: English

Application Form:

(Registrations limited to 300 participants)

Rules for the webinar

The Webinar has a restricted event format, involving only people who registered and received the access link;

The Webinar is designed to have a maximum duration of 2 hours;

The Webinar will be recorded and later released as a tutorial on the website of this Directorate-General / EEA Grants and social networks;

During the presentation, participants must have their microphones turned off;

The use of a camera is not mandatory;

In the Q&A period, all participants who want to intervene must "raise their hand" (Teams functionality) and use this intervention to raise all the questions inherent in the Blue Growth Programme Call#5;

Participants must wait for their turn to be given the floor;

During the presentation, they should use the chat functionality to ask questions, which will be answered at the end;

Participants' microphones should only be activated for speaking when the presenter requests it;

Participants should not "raise their hand" to ask questions already asked by other participants;

Answers will be given depending on the timing of requests for intervention;

Interventions must be short and concise in order to allow good time management;

Each presentation (powerpoint) that appears in the Webinar will later be sent to all participants;

All information can be consulted at or

Any questions that arise later can be directed to the EEA Grants / Blue Growth Programme email:




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